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Experience unparalleled growth and efficiency with our diverse range of digital transformation services. Our dedicated team of skilled developers specializes in custom software development, enterprise solutions, eCommerce, web design, API integration, quality assurance, cloud services, DevOps, data engineering, IoT, AI, AR/VR, and IT consulting. Partner with us to elevate your business, streamline processes, and stay ahead of the competition in the ever evolving digital landscape.


"On-Demand" Digital Engineering Services for Your Accelerated Business Growth

Web Development

We use state-of-the-art technologies and development practices to create custom web applications for your business. Our web design team conceptualizes and creates each application from scratch, ensuring it meets your unique business.

Software Development

Get the custom functionality and features required to meet your business or industry's unique needs. Our custom software solutions help you address your present needs and, more importantly, your needs for the future.

DevOps & Cloud

Tap into our on-demand DevOps expertise to achieve the cloud-enabled business transformation that’s aimed at cost-saving, agility, speed-to-delivery, and innovation.

Mobile App Development

Our developers build native or hybrid apps for iOS and Android using the latest tech stack. We have expertise in fintech, edtech, healthcare, streaming industries, and more.

UI & UX Design

Are you looking to work with a team that puts forth a transparent design process and delivers spot-on results within budget? Turn to our long-standing design team specializing in corporate identity designs, responsive web solutions, print designs, motion graphics, and UX strategy and consulting. Make your website more integrated into your brand encouraging conversions.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our manual testing, automation testing, and project assessment help us implement solutions that run without issues. Let no bug slip through our end-to-end testing process that involves certified QA analysts who work towards delivering error-free and superior-quality software applications to meet (and exceed) your expectations.

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Empower Your Digital Transformation with Expertise in Cutting-Edge Tools and Frameworks

Pool of 750 experts in over 40 technologies covering various aspects of digital transformation services, including programming languages, web and mobile frameworks, databases, cloud platforms, containerization, orchestration, CI/CD, big data, and machine learning tools

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Software developers retrieve, store, and alter data to analyze a system’s requirements and capability. They design, program, build, deploy and maintain software using different skills and tools. Also, they meet with clients, determine needs, help develop, ensure usability, and complete quality assurance. Equipped with a team of talented and tech-savvy software developers, we offer unmatchable development services to our clients.

Digital transformation enables companies to integrate digital technology smartly into all business areas to drive fundamental change and deliver value to customers. And the benefits include greater business agility, increased efficiency, and unlocking the new value of employees, customers, and shareholders. Capital Numbers is a digital transformation consultancy offering digital solutions at competitive prices. Equipped with a team of 700+ expert developers, we help businesses transform and evolve quickly to seize opportunities and spark innovation and growth.

Digital transformation changes the way an organization works. There can be several reasons why a business wishes to transform digitally. But the most likely reason to take the path is the need of the hour. Other ones include better data collection, more robust resource management, enhanced customer experience, increased profits, better agility, improved productivity, data-driven customer insights, and better security.

Agile software development emphasizes streamlining the procedure and producing minimum viable products (MVPs) that go through numerous iterations before being finalized. Feedback is gathered and implemented continually. We also use this methodology to ensure improved quality, satisfied customers, better control, increased flexibility, reduced risks, etc.

Technology and digital transformation go hand-in-hand. It is an enabler that supports business drivers for digital transformation, like using real-time data for business processes and improving the customer experience. Technology trends fostering a more rapid pace of digital transformation in business are mobile, cloud, blockchain, augmented reality, API-based integrations, machine learning, IoT, etc.

We offer you a 3-step process to set up a software development team - choose software developers, integrate the team into your projects, and scale on-demand.

Software development life cycle refers to the structured process used to design, develop, and test high-quality software. Our software development life cycle is divided into six steps - conducting a software discovery workshop, software development consultation, wireframing and designing, development, testing, and deployment.

The four primary areas of digital transformation are

  1. Process transformation
  2. Business model transformation
  3. Domain transformation
  4. Cultural transformation.

Successful digital transformation is made possible by the cloud. Delivering flexible, on-demand access to the resources and supporting these new digital business offerings requires a cloud-based architecture. It enables enterprises to scale infrastructure as necessary to accommodate changing business goals while lowering the risks of wasted IT resources that inhibited past investments in new digital services.

When outsourcing software development, you need to follow a few steps - define your goals, prepare a scope for work documentation, define your tech stack, opt for a development company, and manage project scope, budget, and timeline. We are a leading organization offering high-quality software development outsourcing services. With us, you can work with the top 1% of developers and get superior results.

Digital transformation is essential to business survival, but companies keep failing. The chief reasons for this failure are

  1. Lack of digital strategy and goals
  2. Lack of change management,
  3. Risking internet security concerns
  4. Lack of commitment
But taking some practical steps, including bringing clarity to your business case, promoting a culture of transformation adoption, setting priorities, focusing on customers, fostering collaboration, etc., can help you avoid failure. And top of this, you can partner Capital Numbers, a leading digital transformation solution provider, and take the giant leap forward toward digital transformation successfully.

The cost of digital transformation differs depending on the kind of business, its goals, capabilities, and needs. However, the "cost" is nothing compared to its benefits. At EPTeck, we offer digital solutions at competitive prices. Get in touch with our digital transformation consultants to know in detail.

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